Hey guys, I'm Gennah and you have landed on my portfolio of website projects. I work as a freelance and contract Front End Web Developer and live in Perth, Western Australia.

I love my job! I spend my days building and coding beautifully thought-out interface designs with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I get to explore cutting edge development techniques and expand my knowledge in this ever changing industry.

I've put together a collection of projects below. I've noted my role in each of the projects, some being the primary Front End Web Developer and others I've built and coded a widget or landing page for. The website projects are ranging from 2010 to 2015.

I haven't coded up many websites this year, but the ones I've taken part in were massive!


    7 years
  • CSS/CSS3
    7 years
  • Gulp, Sass, JADE
    1 year
  • SVG Animation
    1 year
  • JS & jQuery
    3 years
  • Sitefinity Integration
    4 years
  • Wordpress Integration
    3 years
  • Mailchimp Templateing
    2 year
  • Campagin Monitor Templateing
    4 years
  • WCAG 2 knowledge base
    2 year

Skilling up!

Trying to keep my skill set frikity fresh is hard work. There are so many new standards, new languages, methodologies to keep up with. Here is what I am currently focusing on:

  • Angular
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Node JS
  • SMACSS Methodology
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Python